SPAWC 2014

Toronto - June 2014


 It is our goal to preserve the intimate feel of many previous SPAWC conferences within the context of a big city. With that in mind, we have chosen Hart House at the University of Toronto as the venue for SPAWC. Directions are available as a Google map or as a pdf file that includes walking directions from the Intercontinental Hotel.


 Hart House at the University of Toronto: Main façade (source: Ivan Hernandez)


 Hart House was established in 1919, and is one of the first student centres in North America. The Wikipedia page for Hart House provides quite a detailed history. While Hart House remains an active student centre, in the summer time it hosts numerous conferences. In particular, Hart House hosted a reception for the leaders of France, Italy, Great Britain, USA, Canada, France, West Germany, Japan and the European Commission at the 14th G7 Summit in 1988.


The setting for the plenary talks and the poster sessions is the Great Hall at Hart House (pictured below). Adjacent to the Great Hall is the Lower Gallery, which is where the coffee breaks and lunch would be served. The Lower Gallery also provides access to the Quad, which will be the location of the Monday evening reception, and will be accessible throughout the conference. (The Sunday evening reception will be in the Gallery Grill on the second floor of Hart House.) The Great Hall, the Lower Gallery and the Quad have wireless LAN coverage.


 As in 2010, the FIFA World Cup is being played during SPAWC 2014. Sammy's Student Exchange, a restaurant on the Lower Level of Hart House will be showing the games live on their big screen.




 Great Hall, Hart House:  Venue for plenary talks and posters (source:


 The Quad, Hart House: Location of Monday evening reception.

 The Quad will also be accessible throughout the conference.